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oh... simple days.

And the not-so-simple ones too.

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Beeejaay @ FA

Christine: Straight female born and raised in northern Virginia. Loves dogs. I own two chihuahua/jack russell terrier mixes named Booska and Precious, a hedgehog named Quill, and a hamster named Socrates. I'm fairly easy-going, love simple things, and grasp life and all it has to offer. I enjoy trying new things and going out. Nature is firsthand and I spend as much time outdoors as I do indoors. Cross any of my lines and i'll rip your fucking head off. :3

BJ is... irish wolfhound/border collie/large munsterlander/big horned sheep/squirrel mix.

Please do not include me in your gay ass dramafurrybullshit. OKAY THANKS U GUIZ :D !!

LOLOL no I do not think i'm animal. No I don't wish I was an animal. No I don't want to have sex with an animal. No i'm not into yiff and if you touch me you'll die. Scritch me and i'll shoot you and your mother. Got it? Peachy.

Anthrocon 09: attending/suiting
RainFurrest: attending -cough- being dragged
Further Confusion 09: attending/suiting